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Dr. Byoung-Kwan Cho is a professor of Department of Biosystems Machinery Engineering & Department of Smart Agricultural Systems in Chungnam National University (CNU), South Korea. He is leading a Nondestructive Biosensing Group at CNU working in the area of non-destructive measurement for quality and safety of food and agricultural materials. His current research focuses on the application of spectroscopic and hyperspectral imaging techniques for the system development of real-time quality and safety inspection for food and agricultural materials.


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  • Mukasa, P., C. Wakholi, M.A. Faqeerzada, H.Z. Amanah, H. Kim, R. Joshi, H.K. Suh, G. Kim, H. Lee, M.S. Kim, I. Baek, B.K. Cho. 2022 (March). Nondestructive discrimination of seedless from seeded watermelon seeds by using multivariate and deep learning image analysis. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 194: 106799.

  • Nabwire, S., C. Wakholi, M.A. Faqeerzada, M.K.A. Arief, M.S. Kim, I. Baek, B.K. Cho. 2022 (February). Estimation of Cold Stress, Plant Age, and Number of Leaves in Watermelon Plants Using Image Analysis. Frontiers in Plant Science 13: 847225.

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