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Current Projects

  • Non-destructive sorting technology for seed viability using hyperspectral imagery [PI]

  • Quality improvement of seedless watermelon and phenotyping imagery technology [PI] 

  • ICT fusion information acquisition and processing technology of smart farm for production and distribution of orange [PI]
  • Active smart imaging technique for recognizing abnormal symptom of porker [PI]
  • Chemometric modeling for spectral data of various foods [PI]
  • On-line foreign object detection in food materials [PI]
  • Early diagnosis of biotic/abiotic stress in ginseng using phenomics [PI]
  • Acousto-optical evaluation for crystal [PI]
  • Comprehensive quality measurement technique for beef carcass [Co-PI]
  • Large-scale acquisition technology of omix information of crop core collection using high-throughput screening method [Co-PI]


Completed Projects (Research Areas)

  • Hyperspectral analysis for food composition

  • Real-time in-situ measurement technology for detecting disease-infected seed potatoes

  • Quality grading system for export tomatoes

  • Non-destructive sorting technology for blood-spotted egg

  • Real-time in-situ quality monitoring system for the production of high quality Makgeolri

  • New techniques for risk assessment of GM crops

  • Portable electronic nose system for safety evaluation of stored meat

  • On-line sorting system for ginseng seedling

  • Low-cost inspection system for contaminated poultry carcasses

  • Energy saving test for conventional light and LED light source

  • General bale system for fresh-cut forage silage production



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