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Post PhD (former)


Dr. Kim, Dae-Yong

  • March 2015 - September 2015

  • Current: Senior Researcher, CJ Logistics, Korea


Dr. Rahman Anisur

  • April 2016 - March 2018

  • Current: Professor, Bangladesh Agricultural Univ.


Dr. Suh, Hyun-Kwon

  • August 2018 - December 2018

  • Current: Professor, Sejong Univ., Korea


Dr. Kandpal, Lalit M.

  • March 2017 - February 2020

  • Current: Post Doc. Researcher, Ghent Univ., Belgium


Dr. Park, Eunsoo

  • March 2020 - November 2020

  • Current: Scientist, National Agricultural Product Quality Management Service, Korea


Dr. Lee, Sangdae

  • July 2013 - December 2014

  • Current: Senior Researcher, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea


Dr. Seo, Youngwook

  • October 2015 - January 2017

  • Current: Scientist, Rural Development Administration, Korea


Dr. Kim, Geon-Woo

  • January 2019 - May 2019

  • Current: Professor, Gyeongsang National University, Korea


Dr. Lohumi, Santosh

  • March 2018 - December 2020

  • Current: Scientist, FrieslandCampina, Natherlands

PhD Students (former)

Dr. Park, Jeong-Gil

  • Development of ultrasonic sensor for the prediction of fruit firmness

  • PhD, February 2013

  • Current: Researcher, Sunyoung Systec Inc, Korea

Dr. Lee, Hoonsoo

  • Rapid detection for pathogenic infection of watermelon seeds using spectral image analysis

  • PhD, August 2015

  • Current: Professor, Chungbuk National Univ., Korea

Dr. Mo, Changyeun

  • Development of on-line measurement systems for quality of fresh-cut lettuce using hyperspectral imaging

  • PhD, August 2016

  • Current: Professor, Kangwon National University, Korea

Dr. Lohumi, Santosh

  • Raman hyperspectral imaging for high-throughput quality screening of biochemical materials

  • PhD, February 2018

  • Current: Research Professor, CNU, Korea

Dr. Ritu Joshi

  • ​Spectral Analysis Methods for the Measurement of Quality and Safety of Eggs

  • PhD, August 2019

  • Current: Researcher, IISc, India

Dr. Mohammed Raju Ahmed

  • Morphological Quality Assessment of Seed using Radiographic Image Analysis

  • PhD, August 2020

  • Current: Post Doc Researcher, North Dakota State Univ., USA

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Dr. Kim, Dae-Yong

  • Development of nondestructive quality measurement system for fermentation monitoring of Makgeolli

  • PhD, February 2015

  • Current: Senior Researcher, CJ Logistics, Korea

Dr. Lim, Young-Il

  • Development of freezing resistance vehicle disinfective system for the prevention of the spread of infectious disease in domestic animals

  • PhD, February 2016

  • Current: Director, CLY Inc, Korea

Dr. Kandpal, Lalit Mohan

  • Spectral imaging techniques for in-process quality monitoring of pharmaceutical materials

  • PhD, February 2017

  • Current: Research Professor, CNU, Korea

Dr. Kim, Jinse

  • Study of freezing and thawing for agro-food using RF technology

  • PhD, August 2018

  • Current: Scientist, Rural Development Administration (RDA), Korea

Dr. Eunsoo Park

  • Development of Analysis Technique for Crop Traits and Abiotic / Biotic Stress Using Spectral Imaging

  • PhD, February 2020

  • Current: Post Doctoral Researcher, CNU, Korea

Dr. Jannat Yasmin

  • Nondestructive spectroscopic technique for rapid evaluation of watermelon seed viability

  • PhD, August 2020

  • Current: North Dakota State, USA

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MS Students (former)

Lee, Hoonsoo

  • Electronic nose system for evaluation of freshness of meat

  • MS, August 2009 / PhD, August 2015

  • Current: Professor, Chungbuk National Univ., Korea

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Oh, Hyun-Keun

  • Development of classification for ginseng seedling using machine vision

  • MS, February 2011

  • Current: Researcher, Acoulab Co. Ltd, Korea

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Kim, Jae-Gone

  • Study on measurement of pork freshness using fluorescence characteristics

  • MS, February 2012

  • Current: Researcher, LS Mtron Co. Ltd, Korea

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Kim, Geonwoo

  • Simultaneous measurement of flow direction, velocity, and flow rate of water in pipe using ultrasound

  • MS, February 2013

  • Current: Post Doctoral Researcher, USDA-ARS, USA

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Lee, Nam-Geun

  • Detection of fruit bruises using hyperspectral imaging

  • MS, February 2010

  • Current: Researcher, Tong Yang Moolsan Co. Ltd, Korea

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Baek, Insuck

  • On-line detecting system for defect cherry tomatoes using hyperspectral fluorescence imagery

  • MS, February 2012

  • Current: Post Doctoral Researcher, USDA-ARS, USA

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Ahn, Chi-Kook

  • Non-destructive sorting techniques for vegetable seeds using hyperspectral imaging techniques

  • MS, February 2013

  • Current: Researcher, Foundation of Agri Tech Commercialization & Transfer, Korea

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Choi, Namkyoung

  • Prediction of components and concentrations of pesticide residues on paprika using Raman spectroscopy

  • MS, February 2013

  • Current: Researcher, KISTEP, Korea

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Park, Eunsoo

  • Non-destructive sorting techniques for water stress plants using hyperspectral imaging techniques

  • MS, February 2014

  • Current: PhD Student, CNU, Korea

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Lee, Hong Seok

  • Development of non-destructive sorting system for detecting damaged coated seeds using image processing

  • MS, February 2015

  • Current: Research Assistant, Rural Development Administration, Korea

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Ambrose, Ashabahebwa

  • Development of inspection technology for feed corn viability using spectral measurement

  • MS, August 2015

  • Current: Lecturer, Public University, Uganda

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Yoo, Ji-Su

  • Study on pelleter using TMR fermented for pig

  • MS, February 2016

  • Current: Researcher, Life&Technology Co. Ltd, Korea

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Wakholi, Collins

  • Development of online measurement method for corn seed viability using hyperspectral imaging

  • MS, February 2017

  • Current: PhD Student, CNU, Korea

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Chang, June-Hee

  • Unearthing R&D projects of industry-academic cooperation for promoting agricultural machinery export

  • MS, February 2014

  • Recent: Eggtech Co., Ltd

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Bae, Hyungjin

  • Non-destructive sorting techniques for watermelon seeds using hyperspectral imaging techniques

  • MS, August 2015

  • Current: PhD Student, CNU, Korea

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Min, Hyunjung

  • Determination of measurement parameters of microwire immuno-biosensor for detection of tobacco mosaic virus

  • MS, February 2016

  • Current: PhD Student, Purdue University, USA

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Kwon, Kyung-Do

  • Development of 3-dimension image acquisition system to extract morphological factors of pepper crop

  • MS, February 2017

  • Current: Scientist, Rural Development Administration, Korea

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Kusumaningrum, Dewi

  • Determination of the viability of soybean seeds using vibrational spectroscopic techniques

  • MS, February 2017

  • Current: Business Co., Indonesia

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Lee, Jungseok

  • Non-destructive detection of water-injected frozen octopus by microwave

  • MS, August 2017

  • Current: Administration Staff, Kongju Educational University, Korea

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Huy, Tran Quoc

  • Vigor measurement of soybean seed using computer vision technique

  • MS, August 2017

  • Current: Researcher, Vietnam Co., Vietnam

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Yang, Seung-Hwan

  • Development of non-destructive technique for comprehensive quality measurement of beef carcass

  • MS, February 2018

  • Current: Engineer, Hyundai Motor Co., Korea

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Bae, Jihoon

  • Abiotic Stress Monitoring of Citrus 'Unshiu' using Multispectral Imager Integrated with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  • MS, February 2019

  • Current: Engineer, Samsung Electronics Co., Korea

Lee, Jayoung

  • Autonomous Detection and Monitoring of Swine using Deep Neural Network based Instance Segmentation

  • MS, February 2020

  • Current: PhD Student, Purdue University, USA

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Lim, Ji-Seob

  • Detection of Escherichia coli K-12 and tobacco mosaic virus using ME biosensor

  • MS, February 2018

  • Current: Researcher, Foundation of Agri. Tech. Commercialization & Transfer, Korea

Mukasa Perez

  • Development of online measurement system for Retinispora (Hinoki cypress) viability using near infrared hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy

  • MS, August 2019

  • Current: PhD Student, CNU, Korea

Omari, M. Kamran

  • Heat Stress Phenotyping for Panax Ginseng Using Hyperspectral Image Analysis

  • MS, February 2020

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